MetaLib: Reach Out and Discover Remote Resources

As information continues to shift towards electronic formats, the number of remote information resources available to users is increasing at a rapid pace.

MetaLib provides a consolidated search environment for remote information resources, helping users find the information they need quickly and effectively. MetaLib streamlines the discovery process by presenting users with content from multiple information providers in one clear, familiar user interface. By eliminating the need to learn different search methods and interfaces, MetaLib transforms the user experience from tiring to inspiring.

MetaLib: Bringing Remote Information Closer to the User

MetaLib provides users with a coherent and friendly environment for metasearching - simultaneously searching heterogeneous remote resources from a single search interface. Users view the retrieved results in a manageable, unified format, enabling them to:

  • See retrieved results in a merged, de-duplicated list
  • Compare diverse result lists
  • Preserve the records they find; and Locate the actual material.


X-Server: Embedding Remote Search into the User’s Environment

MetaLib’s X-Server enables the library to embed metasearch functionality into other applications such as:

  • Course management systems
  • Library Web pages
  • Institutional or Web portals

Easy to Manage

MetaLib provides libraries with a set of tools to ease the management of the vast universe of remote resources, including:

  • A comprehensive knowledge base with preconfigured access to commonly-used resources
  • KnowledgeBase configuration tools to enable access to institution-specific resources
  • Integration with the Ex Libris SFX® link server
  • A range of options for user authentication and authorization
  • Flexible consortia models that support a range of consortia workflows which enable sharing while maintaining autonomy