Managing and Showcasing Digital Collections and Institutional Repositories

As digital assets managed by libraries continue to increase in number and importance, so does the need for standard methods and tools to facilitate cataloging, managing, sharing, searching, and retrieval of digital collections.

 DigiTool® enables academic libraries and library consortia to manage and provide access to digital resources, both those that are created for use within the institution and those that are collected and maintained by the library for the benefit of the public.

Let users enjoy the digital experience to its fullest

DigiTool brings digital assets to life by providing high quality presentation and easy access to digital collections and institutional repositories. By enriching the user experience, DigiTool encourages the use of the library’s digital collections.

Digital collections are accessible through a variety of interfaces, including the native DigiTool interface, the Primo® discovery and delivery application, institutional portals, e-learning systems, and custom interfaces built by the institution.

DigiTool allows the user to enjoy the richness of digital resources—whether by zooming into a high quality image or viewing a complex index structure of a digital object. 

The highly customizable user interface enables the library to showcase the unique characteristics of specific collections.

Effectively manage and control the institution’s digital collections

 Using DigiTool, libraries are able to consolidate disparate collections in one system that supports best practices for digital asset management and maintenance, replacing ad-hoc solutions and protecting against loss and misuse. 

DigiTool streamlines digital asset management processes from ingestion to metadata editing, collection organization, and access right management, enabling libraries to administer the growing volume of digital collections while minimizing the use of resources.

Faculty and non-library staff have direct access to the system, allowing them to share material either via deposit or discovery. This local and global collaboration serves to reduce library overhead and encourage the use of library-sanctioned digital repositories instead of localized ad-hoc solutions.

Support for library standards and built-in integration with other Ex Libris products, e.g., Aleph®, Voyager®, MetaLib®, SFX®, and Primo, makes DigiTool an integral part of the library infrastructure and facilitates the incorporation of digital resources into your library services.

Protect the future of your library’s digital assets

Like all Ex Libris products, DigiTool was developed in collaboration with leading academic institutions. Ongoing consultations with such institutions ensure that DigiTool will continue to address the requirements of the market.