Alephino v4.0

Alephino is a compact library system designed for small, medium-sized and special libraries with professional requirements. Its close connection with the universally successful Aleph system, which is used in larger libraries, enables Alephino to access the most recent developments in the library world. Equipped with Aleph client, Alephino employs forward-looking technology to clearly display all library-related processes such as acquisition, cataloguing, lending, standard data and thesaurus maintenance, and serials management.

Alephino is a system that is in use internationally and is available in various European languages. As an open communications system, and employing standard exchange formats such as XML, Alephino provides a variety of options for adapting to different integration environments and numerous output formats for the individual design of documents and lists.

Alephino applies integrated library standards. Data is stored in MARC21. The cataloguing rules follow the guidelines of RAK, RSWK and AACR. The thesaurus module conforms to DIN regulation 1463. Alephino already contains export and import interfaces for loading standard data out of PND, SWD and GKD as standard.

Alephino is a single-layer library system that provides integrated technologies for cooperation with other sites, libraries and consortia members. The “Branch” architecture supports centralized processes while enabling the use of different lending parameters and separate statistics. The “Multi-pool” function supports independent data management, while enabling synchronous searching in all databases. Alephino offers the Z39.50 standard for communication in heterogeneous system environments and for data transfer from external data sources.

Alephino enables a fully integrated process for network cataloguing with Aleph sites and also provides interfaces with other library systems.

Alephino is multi-user and network enabled and works independently from peripherals. Alephino is a complete system with an integrated database. This has the advantage of allowing uncomplicated system management, whilst retaining high performance and minimal hardware requirements. Alephino does not require reorganization, is memory efficient and requires minimal administration. These characteristics combine to create an effective, one-stop solution for libraries that can be implemented extremely rapidly without the need for library staff to have technical knowledge.

Ex Libris provides high-quality customer care. Alephino users can benefit either from Ex Libris‘standard maintenance provision or from a more bespoke level of service covering individual support needs. We also offer an ASP (Ex Libris hosted) service for Alephino: software installation and system set-up (also client set-up) are carried out centrally on a server in Hamburg, freeing up your own IT department. The system is always up-to-date and this guarantees trouble-free operation.

Module functionalities


•Ordering system for monographs, serials and standing orders

•Access control


•Invoice tracking

•Budget control

•Vendor file

•Currency file

•Transaction status


•Formal cataloguing in MARC21, AACR

•Subject cataloguing with keywords (RSWK and other rules), notation and thesaurus

•Context-sensitive help for each field

•Word processing functions

•Duplicate checking

•Plausibility checks

•Master files / norm files

•Individual sentence patterns

•Interactive foreign data import

•Offline cataloguing

Serials management:

•Subscription management, standing orders

•Book list

•Copy list

•Circulation management ring and star





•Check routines

•User account

•Reasons for blocking

•Fee management

•Returns, lending and fee protocols

•Offline lending

Service Module (Web-based):

•Statistics relating to acquisitions, assets, users and lending

•Reports, lists, copy groups, access authorizations, opening times, number sequences

•Date security, pool processing

•Online handbook


•Simple search

•Multi-field search

•Multi-pool search

•Complex search

•Expert mode

•Systematic access


•Linkable results

•Search history

•Basket function

•User account

•Reservation, renewal, cancellation

•Search profile/alert service